A Journey That You Would Never Want To…

Who don’t like to travel?

Who don’t like to explore?

Who don’t like to create memorable journey?

I am not writing this about a journey that would end up with triumph and exhilaration.

After going through some of my past experiences and watching related movies, then I have started thinking about what happens to me If I have to take down that journey.

How would I react to each of these emotions?

Yes. At the end of our life, we have to take down that journey and have to walk alone down the path.

What triggered my mind to think about this journey?

Why I’ve been getting dreams about a journey that no one doesn’t want to take?

I have been chasing this dream for a while and trying to find root cause of this dream, but I always kept failing to identify it.

On one Sunday noon, sitting at wooden table and reading one of my favorite author’s book called “TRUE BELIEVER” and looked at the cover page.

It is a light house standing alone on the side of the beach.

After keenly looking at that picture, again my brain started chasing the words and followed with storylines.

At the age of 12, I had joined the hostel for the first time, and I get leave thrice in a year where I could go home and spend time with my family.

It was always fun to go home and spend time with family and relatives.

After end of each holiday vacation and I had to take 3hour bus journey to get back inside the hostel.

I felt that journey was close enough to a prisoner who would get into the bus after being sentenced.

The journey that take from court house to detention center where he started thinking about everything that he sees along the path would be the last time in his life.

A Journey that he has to take alone.

A journey that he would never want to take…

A journey that ends with tragic moments.

A journey that gives you very catastrophic moments.

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